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9/9/2020 - Incoming Graduate Students

To:  Incoming Graduate Students
From: Douglas C. Rees, Dean of Graduate Studies

Dear Incoming Caltech Graduate Students:

I am writing to our incoming graduate students who are either now or will be in quarantine to remind all of you of the Institute's expectations for all community members on campus and in the Bechtel residence. As we have said in previous communications, the Institute has a heightened expectation that all community members act responsibly and adhere with preventative health measures that have been implemented in response to the global pandemic. The specific requirements for our graduate student community have been outlined in Caltech's Health and Hygiene Policy and the Caltech Community Commitment.

Unfortunately, it was reported that several students were not abiding by these expectations over the weekend and were gathering in the Bechtel Courtyard without face coverings or physical distancing. This behavior compromises the health and safety of everyone in our community. We have asked members of the Office of Residential Experience staff and Campus Security to respond to these concerns.  Ongoing violations will be referred to the Graduate Dean's office for immediate action.

As a reminder:

  1. You must wear a face covering whenever you leave your apartment, including in common areas, laundry facilities, elevators, buildings and dining facilities. The guidance from Caltech on face coverings is available online on the Caltech Coronavirus Information website. Please review this in detail.
  2. You may not participate in or host gatherings of any kind; this includes students congregating in courtyards and common areas.
  3. You must engage in physical distancing by remaining at least 6 feet (2 meters) apart at all times.
  4. You may only have one person at a table while in the Bechtel residence and when in the Catalina community.
  5. You may not have guests in your room or suite.
  6. You must abide by all Caltech policies, especially the Graduate Student Community Health and Hygiene policy and the Caltech Community Commitment.