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6/7/2020 - Braun Athletic Center Re-opening Phase 1

To: The Caltech Community
From: Betsy Mitchell, Director of Athletics, Physical Education and Recreation

Dear Recreation Members,

On Thursday, June 11 we will begin a phased reopening of the athletic facilities.

While I am excited to be able to welcome some members back to our facilities, I recognize that the environment that we are returning to will be far different from the one we left in March. We are reopening in accordance with Caltech's Return to Campus guidelines and with the approval of and guidance from city and county public health officials. As such, we will require strict adherence to health and safety measures that support the well-being of facility users and staff. This will include new physical distancing requirements, rules and restrictions around areas of use, and the implementation of enhanced cleaning protocol throughout the day and in between workout sessions.

These measures are new for all of us, and will require additional time and care as we enter and exit our facilities or transition around the space; we appreciate your patience as we take these steps together.

In this initial phase of opening, we will only be providing access to the tennis courts and track with the addition of a few outdoor weight stations. These facilities will be available by appointment and only accessible to eligible members. For the purpose of this phase, eligible members are defined as campus community members who are employees and enrolled students; spouses and family members who are not employees or students will not be allowed to access the facilities. Alumni, Caltech Associates members, and other friends who traditionally have accessed the facilities through their memberships, also are not eligible to do so at this time.

We recognize that these limitation on access and use may be disappointing, but they are necessary steps for mitigating the risk of spreading infection. As we are approved by public health officials to increase services and expand occupancy, we will bring additional facilities and membership groups online.

More information on the reopening process, including eligibility, hours of operation, the process for re-engaging your membership and for making an appointment for use of the facilities is available on the Caltech Athletics website.  

Thank you for your patience as we get started again. 


Betsy Mitchell