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10/05/2021 - COVID Testing Requirements

To: Caltech Students
     David Chan, Dean of Graduate Studies
     Lesley Nye, Interim Dean of Undergraduate Students

We are writing to remind you that as an undergraduate student, or as a graduate student in Caltech housing, you are required to submit twice weekly samples as part of our surveillance testing program. This program is a critical element of the Institute's shared effort to ensure the health and safety of every member of our community, and to sustain our successful return to research and in-person learning.

We appreciate that most students have complied with surveillance testing policies. However, a significant number of students are already out of compliance, having submitted only one test last week, or having failed to test at all. This is unacceptable, and places the entire campus community at risk. Further, student non-compliance prevents Institute leadership from getting a clear sense of case activity on campus, and will necessarily delay any potential relaxation of current health and safety policies.

The deans are receiving weekly reports from the lab, and will follow up this week with students who are not complying with the twice weekly testing requirement. The chart below indicates potential consequences, in accordance with our Student Health and Hygiene Policies.

Again, we are grateful to those students who appreciate the significance of this effort and have tested regularly, and we look forward to consistent participation by all students moving forward.

No Samples Received in a Week
First Time First Warning
Second Time (non-consecutive) Final warning; advisor and coach notified
Second time consecutive, or third time total Removal from housing
Only one sample received in a week
First Time First Warning
Second Time Second Warning
Third Time Final warning; advisor and coach notified
Fourth Time Removal from housing