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3/31/2022 - In-person Instruction

To: The Campus Community

From: Michelle Effros, Vice Provost

Date: March 31, 2022

Re: In-person Instruction

As announced by the Provost and Vice President for Student Affairs late last term, we are returning to fully in-person instruction for the spring term. As a reminder, instructors had the authority to conduct the first week of instruction remotely due to health concerns related to spring break travel, but all class meetings should be held in person after week one. As we adjust back to fully in-person instruction, it is useful to remember that the format by which we assign units to classes makes explicit in its first index the number of hours that students and instructors spend together in person each week; for example, a class with units specified as 3-0-6 should include 3 hours of in-person instruction per week. Instructors seeking to deviate in any significant way from the units specified in the course catalog should request permission to do so from the chair of the division in which the course is offered.

We encourage instructors to direct any questions to their division chairs. The CTLO ( is also available to consult for instructors who would appreciate help in adjusting course plans to in-person instruction.