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8/26/2020 - Undergraduate research on campus

To: Caltech Faculty
From: David A. Tirrell, Provost

Dear Colleagues:

The IACC and the leadership of Student Affairs have agreed that undergraduate research will be allowed to take place on campus during the fall term under carefully controlled conditions.  Mentors and students must commit to an assignment of at least nine hours per week, whether students are paid or registered for research credit.  Mentors must add undergraduate researchers to their laboratory operation plans, and the modified plans must be approved by the cognizant division office.  Each project must have a back-up plan that would allow the student to continue working remotely (and earn full academic credit) if on-campus activity is discontinued.  Students involved in campus research must complete relevant training and follow all current health and safety protocols, which can be found on the Caltech coronavirus website ().

Best regards,