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4/13/2020 - A Note for Right Now

To: Caltech Staff
   Dexter A. Bailey, Jr., Vice President for Advancement and Alumni Relations
   Diana Jergovic, Vice President for Strategy Implementation
   Jennifer T. Lum, General Counsel
   Scott H. Richland, Chief Investment Officer
   Joseph E. Shepherd, Vice President for Student Affairs
   Margo Steurbaut, Vice President of Administration and Chief Financial Officer
   Michael M. Watkins, Vice President and Director of the Jet Propulsion Laboratory
   David A. Tirrell, Provost
   Stephen L. Mayo, Division Chair, Biology and Biological Engineering
   Dennis A. Dougherty, Division Chair, Chemistry and Chemical Engineering
   Guruswami Ravichandran, Division Chair, Engineering and Applied Science
   John P. Grotzinger, Division Chair, Geological and Planetary Sciences
   Jean-Laurent Rosenthal, Division Chair, Humanities and Social Sciences
   Fiona A. Harrison, Division Chair, Physics, Mathematics and Astronomy
   Thomas F. Rosenbaum, President

Ours is a community of staff united by its dedication to the Institute, its desire to contribute to society through the advancement of research and education, and its drive to provide Caltech with the best work possible, day in and day out.

The pandemic that has overtaken the world has driven us apart physically and compels us to face personal and professional stressors we had never imagined. Some of us are working from home with young children who require constant attention, some have older children who are trying to manage significant adjustments to schedules, activities, and routines. Some of us have new responsibilities and concerns in managing the care of parents, family, and friends. Some of us are required to leave our families and perform essential services on campus. Some of us do not have enough work because of reduced operations. Each one of us has family and friends also responding to personal and professional stressors and losses they never imagined.

Thank you for your rapid response to fight the pandemic while performing your job duties under circumstances that are drastically different than usual. We will continue do our best to support all employees as we all support each other during this crisis. You are the reason Caltech will emerge from this crisis strong.

The pandemic will clear and each of us will emerge to re-connect to the world. The barriers that now stand between us and the aspects of our daily lives that bring fulfillment and joy will be removed. We look forward to working with you, once again, each from our campus locations. Until then, please take good care and stay safe.