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Travel FAQ

Updated November 18, 2020

In accordance with state and local public health guidance, Caltech strongly discourages all members of the community from participating in nonessential personal travel. Institute-sponsored travel is only permissible when deemed essential and approved, in advance, by the reporting division chair, vice president, provost, or president.

Caltech's policy follows state and local guidelines, which recommend that individuals who travel outside of the state self-isolate and limit interactions within and beyond their household for 14 days after their return.

The Institute's preventative measures emphasize that all members of the community who are reporting to campus or an off-site location should be mindful of their behavior and limit participation in high-risk activities, regardless of where they are located. Anyone participating in activities that take place indoors, do not support physical distancing between individuals from different households, or involve groups of individuals gathering from multiple households, or who are interacting with individuals without face coverings are at increased risk of exposure to the virus and thus are also more likely to spread the virus to members of the Caltech community.

As part of its hiring process, the Institute has asked that all new members of the community take additional precautions to ensure that they are not carriers of the virus before engaging in on-site activities. In taking this time, new members are also afforded time to familiarize themselves with the Institute's protocols and processes and the systems that have been put in place for monitoring the spread of this disease.

The Institute expects that all members of the community to become familiar with these measures, which highlight the responsibility that each individual has to support the wellbeing of the community as a whole. All Caltech community members are discouraged from participating in nonessential travel and asked to comply with state and local orders on travel and activities in addition to the Institute's policies.

Please consult with the Human Resources Disability and Leave Administration Unit at leaveunit@caltech.edu for guidance on timekeeping related to COVID-19 policies, activities, or requirements.

Caltech recommends that individuals who choose to engage in personal travel consider their options for testing at an outside facility both before and after their trip. Community members are welcome to consult with Student Wellness Services via email at covid19@caltech.edu on their travel plans.

Caltech will require that all employees who are required to report for onsite work or research responsibilities in the two weeks following the Thanksgiving holiday (from 11/30 to 12/11) participate in an on-campus surveillance testing program. The program is a pilot for what the Institute intends to a be a broader, on-going surveillance testing program. Updates on the Institute's plans, and on any specific changes to this program during and after the upcoming winter break, will be shared as information is available.