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Campus Notifications

Updated November 14, 2020

Notification Process

In any instance where the potential for exposure from an individual who has returned a positive COVID-19 test is determined or believed to extend beyond those identified as close contacts, the Institute will send an update to those community members who may share public spaces on campus and building spaces with the affected individual, and, if warranted, to the broader campus community.

For cases reported in a research building or facility that is limited to keycard access only, the building managers and division administrators will receive a timely notification of the positive case. Divisions are authorized to establish their own communications policies for sharing relevant information on reported cases with their community members as they deem appropriate to do so.

Workspaces and other indoor areas accessed by the ill individual will be promptly cleaned and disinfected by Caltech Facilities staff or as specified in individual laboratory protocols.

Any member of the community may also opt-in to receive timely email notifications of new positive COVID-19 cases among members of the campus community.